Radical Christian Love

Dear Christians everywhere,

Please, please don’t use your religious faith as an excuse to justify discrimination or to not show loving care. When you do, you’re missing the point of the gospel completely and doing more harm than good. It’s truly an embarrassment.

When the pregnant 13-year-old needs a safe home to stay in, offer yours.

When the 80-year-old convicted murderer dies in prison and you’ve been asked to be the casket bearer in a memorial service of less than 10 family members, you carry that casket with a humble respect.

When the adulterous male or female is in need of a friend when all the other church friends have scattered, instead of murdering his or her spirit with ugly stones, be the one with kind words and a non-judgmental listening ear.

When the Pastor’s daughter is getting ordained in your church, show up and give her a big supportive hug.

When the man with HIV AIDS is dying and you find him at home to weak to get our of bed and covered in his own feces, gently carry him to the bath and clean him up, strip and wash his linens, and carry him back to bed with the strong loving arms the Lord has blessed you with.

When the drunken man wearing pajama pants arrives late to church and walks down the center isle, be the first to go and give him your best warm welcome.

When the church attending mentally ill, drugged up mother needs help, instead of standing off to the side speaking gossip, be the one to help. Make sure not to forget her spouse and children as well.

When those of different race and color show up to your church, go over, introduce yourself and tell him how happy you are to see him. In fact, invite him over for dinner – and all his friends too.

When those from a different country move into your neighborhood, bake them a pie and welcome them to the area.

When the Ethiopian nurse of Muslim faith shows up to your home to care for your child for the night and she holds a belief that dogs carry evil spirits and believes it is wrong to even be touched by one, you place your dog in the kennel before she arrives. Then, respectfully, welcome her into your home and thank her for the loving care she provides to your child.

When you find the non-church attending, tattoo laden, Samaritan on the other side of the street in need of loving care, go over and offer all you have.

When you see something that you disagree with on social media, instead of firing off judgmental hate filled words, respond with loving kindness instead, or even maybe better yet, don’t say anything at all.

And please, if you’re a Christian owner of a cake business and the gay couple asks you to bake them a cake, in love, bake them one of the best cakes that you can.

What is wrong with this world? I am. Guess what, so are you.

In the words of John Stott: “Every Christian should be both conservative and radical; conservative in preserving the faith and radical in applying it.”

When I read the gospels, I read that Jesus came to be a friend to sinners. I don’t know about you but I am so thankful for that because it tells me that He came for all. In fact, my Pastor has shared these words in his sermons, “We are more sinful than we ever dared to imagine and we are more loved than we ever dared to believe.”

Don’t let your religious faith prevent you from being the hands and feet to those who so desperately need it. Don’t allow your religious beliefs to cloud your view of being able to see Jesus in the least of these.

This very well might not be received as a popular post. That’s okay. Last I checked, Christianity wasn’t very popular now days. However, these are the thoughts that kept me up last night. These are the thoughts that I just had to get out.

Friends, go forth and do what you can to show the radical love of Jesus today. The world needs it.

dad and don casket

My father, in the orange shirt, carrying the casket of the 80 year old convicted murderer. He did so with a humble respect.